The Association of Spanish Graduates in Security and Defense (ADESyD)

November 27, 2014

Madrid, Spain

On November 27, ADESyD and WIIS Spain (SWIIS) held the 1st ADESyD Congress on "Sharing Views on Security." ADESyD promotes a culture of security and defense from a comprehensive approach and in permanent dialogue with society. With this Congress, it reinforced its commitment to help Spain play an active role in the development of global security and stability, while encouraging social participation in these issues.

ADESyD invited its members (Honorary Council and Associates) and those who identify with its mission to contribute ideas to the areas of study addressed by this 1st Congress. The guidelines of the Congress were to increase awareness of the general and particular challenges to the integration processes and to determine how they should be addressed. It also pursued a thorough exchange of views among individuals from different academic, professional, and generational backgrounds.

For more information see the 1st ADESyD Congress Program:

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