Dr. Armgard von Reden


Dr. Armgard von Reden was elected in January 2018  as Chairwomen of Women In International Security in Germany, WIIS.de. Since 2012 she teaches at the Leibniz University in Hannover in the faculty of electrical engineering and informatics on the subject of dataprotection, -security, diversity and international management. She also consults clients on data protection issues and public affairs issues.
For almost 25 Years she worked for IBM in various international management positions in Stuttgart, Paris, Brussels and Berlin in the end as chief lobbyist for Germany and the CIS countries and as Chief Data Protection officer for EMEA and head of the IBM German Women’s Leadership Council.
She served as Head of the Communication Department for the President of the German Bundestag from May 1992 until December 1994 on a leave of absence from IBM.

Prior to joining IBM she worked in the US Congress as a Legislative Assistant, on the House and Senate side on defense and education issues. She wrote articles for the London Economist in the Washington DC office, and taught at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Armgard von Reden founded a network for women in 1987. She studied Chemistry, and Sociology and has a M.A. in sociology, politics and history and a Ph.D in politics, sociology and history from Göttingen University


Website : http://www.wiis.de