Research, analysis and policy recommendations

WIIS highlights the experiences and challenges women face in the security field, identifies best practices, and recommends concrete solutions to improve women’s opportunities.

WIIS research, analysis and policy recommendations support women’s recruitment, retention, and advancement into senior-level positions.

See the "WIIS Progress Report on Women in Peace and Security Careers: U.S. Executive Branch"

Leadership Development

WIIS goes beyond increasing the numbers of women in leadership roles – WIIS supports and trains women to succeed in these roles.  Members of the WIIS network serve in the highest levels of governments, and work actively to encourage leadership by new generations of women.  WIIS leadership activities include:

  • Mentoring: WIIS offers one-to-one mentoring; small mentoring circles; career roundtables, and facilitated in person and online discussions (work life balance, diversity, etc).
  • Skills: WIIS teaches critical leadership and professional skills to women in peace and security.  Programs include webinars that are widely accessible to the network, seminars and workshops in Washington DC, and in locations where WIIS has chapters and affiliates, and on-line discussions.
  • Visibility:  WIIS enhances the visibility of women as experts in peace and security by connecting speakers and experts to institutions and professional opportunities.

WIIS Global Network

The WIIS Global Network is comprised of local, national and international communities that empower women in many different countries and encourage their participation in the field of peace and security.

WIIS is a unique, worldwide network that includes:

  • 7,000 women and men from over 47 countries who are peace and security experts in governments, multilateral organizations, non-profits, academia, and corporations.
  • A Global Leadership Council of internationally-recognized, high-level leaders dedicated to women’s leadership and an Executive Board of exceptional policymakers, practitioners, and educators in the field.
  • Strategic partnerships with governmental, multilateral, non-governmental, and industry to improve gender parity and women’s leadership opportunities.
  • WIIS groups based on substantive expertise, affiliation, or geographic location. Please go to to access the contact list of WIIS volunteer-led international and national groups.