Progress Report on Women in Peace & Security Careers: U.S. Executive Branch

By Shoemaker, J; Park, J.

Recently, studies have focused on women’s leadership in some sectors, including academia, the media, and corporations. These studies have highlighted gaps in representation and proposed recommendations for improving women’s opportunities. But a missing component of research seems to be on women’s presence in a particular area of utmost importance—the national security and foreign policy arena. This is the first study to examine women in leadership within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government in international security.


Women in United Nations Peace Operations: Increasing the Leadership Opportunities 

By Conaway, C; Shoemaker, J.

Since the historic adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000), the recognition of the important and beneficial role that women play in building sustainable peace has steadily increased. Civil society arguments for women’s inclusion in the formal processes of peacemaking and peacebuilding are bolstered by growing evidence of women’s impact on the ground in unstable and conflict-affected countries. Numerous policymakers and practitioners within the UN and other multilateral organizations are publicly acknowledging the value of women in leadership roles. Yet the lack of women in senior positions in the UN, particularly in peacekeeping missions, reflects the reality that significant cultural and institutional impediments remain to women’s entry and advancement within the UN. As a result, there is frustration with the slow pace of progress both inside and outside the system. There are few mechanisms in place to facilitate regular information sharing between the UN and civil society on this issue. Civil society organizations lack understanding about the skills and requirements for high-level positions, the process for selecting candidates, and the best means to nominate qualified experts. Within the UN, there are traditionally few resources and little attention devoted to outreach and communication with organizations that can access qualified female candidates, or to marketing these positions in a way that will attract the best talent.


Occasional Paper Series: WIIS published several papers in 1997 on the topic: ‘Politics, Foreign Policy, and Civil-Military Relations in a Post-Cold War World.’ These papers were edited by Gale A. Mattox and Linda Racioppi. Included among the papers were “Six Russian Views on Politics, Foreign Policy, and Civil-Military Relations in a Post-Cold War World” by Linda Racioppi, “The Politics of Conflict Resolution in Contemporary Russia” by Tatiana A. Shakleina, and a paper written in Russian by Linda Racioppi.

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