WPS + GPS Initiative

WPS + GPS Initiative is designed to bridge existing divides between the traditional security community and the WPS community.  The Initiative seeks to reframe and broaden the WPS agenda to include a Gender, Peace, and Security agenda in order to advance knowledge and build and support a community of international security experts that is more diverse and knowledgeable about the gender dimensions of complex international security challenges.

Gender, Peace, and Security Policy Roundtable Series

The Gender, Peace, and Security Policy Roundtable Series explores the gender dimensions of key regional security challenges. The roundtable discussions provide a forum for bringing together an diverse group of experts and policymakers to advance gender considerations in security policy deliberations. See the policybriefs here. 

Missing Peace Initiative

The Missing Peace Initiative is a project of The United States Institute of Peace (USIP), the Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley, the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO),and Women In International Security. It brings together expert scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and military and civil society actors to examine the issue of sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict settings, identify gaps in knowledge and reporting and explore how to increase the effectiveness of current responses to such violence.

Combat Integration Initiative

The Combat Integration Initiative examines and monitors the integration of women in the military, including  the integration of women in combat positions in the U.S. military.

Women, Peace, and Security Leadership Program

The Women, Peace, and Security Leadership Program enables WIIS'  Women in International Security team of highly educated professionals, many of whom have extensive military backgrounds who assist countries’, to help with the development and implementation of their Women, Peace and Security National Action Plans.  WIIS evaluates and assesses existing plans and programs and provides training for government agencies, including security institutions, on how to successfully execute their plans.

Mentor and Professional Development Program

The Mentor and Professional Development Program increases the professional opportunities of women, focusing specifically on women at the mid and senior-levels. The program helps women navigate real and presumed obstacles in their careers through the provision of a skill-building series, resource center, and promotion of a transparent network of leaders.