MA in International Security Studies

University of Reading, UK

MA in International Relations

University of Afghanistan in Kabul, Afghanistan

Diploma in Politics and Diplomacy

Institute of Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan

BA in Social Science

Kabul University, Afghanistan

Mustafa Aryan has around 10 years of work experience in governmental and non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan and in the UK. At present, he’s working as Director of Policy and Strategy at the Office of the Chief Executive of Afghanistan (OCE). During his academic and professional careers, Mustafa has attended several workshops and conferences such as Disaster Management in Beijing, China (May, 2015); conference on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into the Development Planning Process in Afghanistan in Dubai, UAE (April, 2016); Conflict, Rule of Law and Local Security in The Hague Academy for Local Governance, in The Netherlands (Oct, 2019) and so forth. Also, in July 2018, Mustafa attended the 56th United Nations Graduate Study Programme in UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. During his master’s studies in the UK, he was a Masters Ambassador and also received the Red Award. He also received several appreciation letters from different organizations for his achievements. Mustafa is interested in peace, security, great power politics, and intelligence studies.