img_3766October 12, 2016 Women, Terrorism, and Violent Extremism: Cultural and Organizational Difference

For this discussion, we focused on regional and cultural differences amongst extremist organizations. How have different extremist groups developed historically? What is the role of gender within different groups, and has that role changed over time? How do local cultures impact extremist groups, and how do those groups impact the surrounding cultures? What are the roles of violence and of hypermasculine or misogynist characteristics in extremist groups?


Please find the video of the October 12 CVE Roundtable here.

June 20, 2016 Women, Terrorism, and Violent Extremism  Roundtable: Past, Current, and Future Counter-terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism Programming

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May 19, 2016 Roundtable Discussion on Women, Terrorism, and Violent Extremism: Recruitment and Radicalization Part Two






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