Below is a collection of research and documents pertaining to gender integration in the Marine Corps.

MCFIP White Letter 2014


In 2013, the Secretary of Defense rescinded the 1994 policy known as the Direct Ground Combat and Assignment Rule restricting women from assignments in "units whose primary mission is to engage in direct combat on the ground." The Marine Corps was then directed to integrate females to the maximum extent possible.

December WISRR Update Brief to DACOWITS

Colonel Jon M. Aytes


"Briefing from the USMC on the status of Pillar One, Phase One of its WISR implementation plan, to include the steps as stated in the plan--validation of gender-neutral occupational standards (physical standards review, testing/research, development of physical screening tests); other research (the IOC experiment and review of all available data); and any added features such as the ITB experiment."

CFT Purpose Scoresheet


"To assess a Marine's physical capacity in a broad spectrum of combat related tasks. The CFT was specifically designed to evaluate strength, stamina, agility and coordination as well as overall anaerobic capacity. All Marines are required to complete a CFT once a year during Jul 1-Dec 31."

Peacekeeping Training: Briefing to the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations


Presentation to the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations providing the findings of the 2012-13 Training Needs Assessment and its follow-up. Methods to support member states, peacekeeping missions, and senior management training are subsequently offered.

U.S. Marine Corps Assignment of Women to Ground Combat Units Research Plan


Purpose of this research: "A survey of the force has been conducted to gather input about potential changes to the current assignment policies related to female Marines. The results will assist the Commandant in making informed recommendations to the Secretary of Defense. The Center for Naval Analyses will also conduct a study to examine the possible effects on: recruiting, classification, entry-level training; assignments, promotions; implementation of gender-neutral tests, injury-associated costs; best practices of external organizations and occupations."

Women in Combat Letter from the Cmdt USMC


Letter discussing the cancellation of the 1994 policy that restricted women from combat roles providing the perspective of the Cmdt USMC as well as explanations for this action.