Combat Integration Initiative (CII)

On January 24, 2013 the Department of Defense (DOD) announced its plan to completely eliminate the ground combat exclusion policy and begin the process of opening 238,000 direct ground combat positions to women. In doing so the U.S. joins a small but growing list of countries that have fully integrated military armed services.

To support the successful integration of women into the newly opened combat positions Women in International Security (WIIS) established the Combat Integration Initiative (CII).

The WIIS Combat Integration Initiative will monitor the implementation process focusing on five activities deemed necessary for effective implementation. These five areas include 1)  Transparency of the implementation process; 2) Communication of policy changes; 3) Establishing gender-neutral occupational standards; 4) Providing training to leaders addressing military culture, and 5) Mentoring/Gender Advising.

As a monitor of these activities within the U.S. military branches, the CII:

  • maintains a Web site that serves as a resource and support center for policymakers and for the women who integrate combat specialties and units.
  • provides independent, expert advice and support to policymakers, including the Department of Defense, the U.S. Congress, and other interested parties, on full integration of women in the military.
  • publishes periodic policy briefs and reports.
  • organizes quarterly workshops that bring together experts across a range of institutions with women and men in the military to review current practice in both the U.S. and abroad.
  • supports and conducts independent research.


For more information on CII's activities visit the below links:

Service Specific Information

Congressional Reports and Notifications

Research on Women in the Military

DOD Implementation Plans and Announcements

Combat Integration Initiative Events, Reports, Articles, and Briefings


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Past Events

December 4 2014: Ellen Haring, Senior Fellow of WIIS, will

December 11 2014, 14:00-16:00: meeting of Service Academy Admissions Working Group. The objective of the meeting is to pressure DOD to increase the acceptance rate of women in the military academies

December 15 14:00-16:00: Combat Integration Coalition Working Group meeting will be held at the National Women’s Law Center (Duffy Campbell and Holl Hemphill). This inclusive meeting is held quarterly

December 16 2014 10:00-16:00: Army War College Electives Fair

January 27 2015: Combat Integration Update Anniversary Event. The focus of the event will be to inform the audience about where women stand with full integration. More details will be provided soon.