Johanna Möhring


A senior fellow at The Institute for Statecraft in London, Johanna Möhring directs the program on the nature of power in the 21st century. She is an associate researcher at the Thucydide Center, and a board member of WIIS UK, and Open Europe

Camille Trotoux

General Delegate, WIIS France

A junior teacher-researcher at the Air School Research Center, where she teaches defense policy,  Camille Trotoux is also a doctoral candidate in Political Science. His work focuses on decision-making and the identity of the airman.

Tara Varma

Secretary General

Tara Varma is the Deputy Director of the ECFR Paris Bureau & Policy Fellow. Before arriving in the Paris office, Tara worked for the French MFA in their Shanghai consulate (2012-2014). Previously, she worked at CEIS, a consultancy firm in Paris, specializing in strategic and defense matters...

Jessica Pennetier

Communications Manager

Jessica Pennetier  is responsible for the public affairs of the German Marshall Fund - Paris.  She coordinates the think tank's programming, contributes to the development and communication strategy of the Paris office, and builds partnerships with institutional and private partners.

Eleanor Charrié


Graduate of training in political science, Eléonore Charrié turned to the sector of the defense industry after her studies. After having held the position of project manager in the naval industry, she joined the COGES team, organizer of Eurosatory, since March 2018.