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The WIIS network hopes to make constant advancement in Women's Leadership on a global scale. To best accomplish our mission, we need affiliates and members like you. As a dues-paying member of Women in International Security (WIIS), you may:

  • Attend WIIS Events to expand your knowledge of topics in international security policy;
  • Connect with a Global Network of over 7,000 leaders online and in person to join groups
    based on topical interest & location, get in touch with women in international security
    worldwide and access publication archives;
  • Explore exclusive opportunities through the Jobs Hotline, featuring employment
    opportunities, academic opportunities, fellowships, grants, internships, and professional
    development resources;
  • Secure interviews from media sources as an expert in international security through our
    membership database;
  • Engage with events in DC, around the US and globally through the Events Hotline, a
    publication listing upcoming events;
  • Publish Op-eds, analytical essays or short commentary in your name featured on the WIIS
    website to gain visibility as an expert.

Become a Member

There is an annual membership base-fee ($29.95) to become part of the international WIIS Network. Contributions beyond the base-fee are considered donations and are tax-deductible. All subscriptions are 12 months unless denoted otherwise.


Students:$29.95 Per Year Currently enrolled in school.


Professional Level 1: $49.95 Per Year Annual income under $50,000*


Professional Level 2: $99.95 Per Year Annual income over$50,000*


Institutional Members: $2,000.00 Per Year

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